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Jazz Step VSTi List

jazz-stepThere is a new up and coming subgenre within the Dubstep arena called “Jazz-Step”. If you are wondering what Jazz step is then you are oblivious to the obvious; Jazz + Dubstep!

Firstly Jazz is very similar to Dubstep in the way that it can mold very well with many different genres. When you bring the two together however you create a unique dark but lively mix that plays with your mind in a way that only Jazz and Dubstep can.

We’ll be going through a small list of VST plugins you would want to look for if you are interested in making your very own Jazz Step Tracks.

The List

Drums – When we talk about drums we will continue with the traditional Dubstep drum set up. This is one aspect that you might be able to incorporate a jazz snare or cymbal but in reality want to keep the same in order to provide the “dubstep feel” to the music.

Bass – Similar to drums you don’t want to mess with the foundation of Dubstep if you truly want to create Jazz Step. The Bass will be your typical Wobble bass as is custom in all Dubstep tracks.

piano-vstPiano – You definitely want to get your hands on Jazz piano and even Jazz keyboards if you want to add in accents into the music. I usually would recommend small “solo riffs” sporadically placed all over the track. Use the piano to emphasize certain elements of the mix and to create contrast to the heavy bass.

Trumpet – A Jazz trumpet in the style of Miles Davis is incredibly with Dubstep. Solo the hell out of your song with a few Jazz trumpets. I’d suggest using the trumpet as your “voice” or your “lyrical” aspect of the music. It’s perfect for not making a beat sound redundant and you can have a lot of freedom within the mix when using trumpet.

Guitar – Similar to the piano the guitar can be used to create passive contrast to the bass and if used correctly can provide a lot of depth to your music, depending on your VST preferences and production techniques. Usually the biggest issue with dubstep tracks is the lack of melody…guitar fixes all that!

What next?

Once you have accumulated a lot of jazz sounds and dubstep sounds it’s time to experiment. The first approach would be to “dubbify” a current jazz song while the other approach would be to incorporate jazz elements into a dubstep song.

Whichever your approach I do suggest experimenting with the genres in order to find that sweet middle. Obviously this genre isn’t for those with no experience in the music field since some knowledge of chord progressions, jazz progressions and riffs will be required. It’s very difficult to produce a good Jazzstep song without this knowledge.

For those who wish to attempt JazzStep but do not possess the music knowledge to be able to create it from scratch, try using samples from prominent jazz musicians and try to work it into your dubstep tracks.

The more you experiment in this fashion the quicker you’ll understand the dynamics on making a Jazz Step track. The genre is still fairly new and as time approaches more people will begin to create their own Jazz Step songs. I personally can’t wait