Defining your VST preferences

A lot of musicians these days are in search of more VST plugins to add into their songs, create a Dubstep sample and much more.  The problem however is that there are so many VSTs out there that it becomes difficult to decide which of these VSTs will work best for you or not.

Native Instruments Kontakt can do it all.

Native Instruments Kontakt can do it all.

That is why we have decided to help you, based on your preferences, make up your mind on choosing the best Dubstep VSTs for your music. Please note that we aren’t going to add a specific list of plugins but rather factors you need to consider in order to match the right VST to the general motif of your sound.

What is the “type of music” you wish to make?

Firstly you need to identify the type of dubstep that interests you the most. Obviously you are into dubstep, but what element of dubstep attracts you the most? Is it the bass lines, the drops or the drum beat that makes your heart race faster? By defining what it is that attracts you to the genre will most definitely help you in defining the profile of the sounds that you are going to be searching for. Also know that these “feelings “ will change as you continue through dubstep. You’ll discover other aspects of dubstep that might grab your attention and that’s okay…your VST lists should always be expanding and decreasing; that means you are doing something right.

How much space do you have available?

If you don’t have too much space for an elaborate library then simply find VST plugins that will serve multi purposes. I usually divide them into categories and then start filling them up from there. If I grow tires of a VST I would delete it but keep the URL in a folder where I got it. Obviously this is a reference to free VSTs because paid VSTS come backed up so you can install them when needed.

How Professional do you want to be?

How far do you want to get in your Dubstep career? Are you just producing for the sake of producing, for you and your ears alone or are you planning on hitting clubs, festivals and produce your own album? The level of professionalism will dictate on your preference of Free VSTs and Purchased VSTs. Regardless of your level of profession if you like a certain VST make a Dubstep Sample or a few from thus said VST. Even if you delete the VST you’ll still have those samples backed up ready to be used whenever.


In the end it comes down to the tools you currently have available to properly filter the unneeded VSTs from the much needed ones. An electronic musician needs to rely heavily on the VST library to find new gigs and to expand his or her career.

For those just producing for the fun of it you could always just get your hands on the free VSTs out there but to be 100% honest with you; purchased packs often provide a few “golden nuggets” in terms of sounds. The free VST might be good, at least some, but finding them can cost time and effort which you could have been using to produce and experiment with your music.

Another great NI plugin “Razor” which is great for Dubstep Wobbles. See it in action here: